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Development of the Chinese giant salamander Andrias davidianus farming industry in Shaanxi Province, China: conservation threats and opportunities

The Chinese giant salamander  is Critically Endangered, largely because of overexploitation for food. This species is an expensive delicacy in China, and a rapidly growing industry to farm the species has developed throughout much of the country, centred on the Qinling Mountain region of Shaanxi Province. Salamander farming is an important economic activity in China, […]

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Prince William visits China

Earlie this year Prince William visited China. The visit aimed to promote greater Sino-UK collaboration. One major component of his visit was for wildlife conservation. Therefore, a round-table discussion on  illegal wildlife trafficking was organised in Shanghai with 10 organisations invited including ZSL and a trip was made to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan afterwards to further raise public awareness. […]

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Artefact of the month

Inscribed on the front in pencil : ‘M. maximus’ and ‘M. sligoi’,  the three figures of giant salamanders are shown in this drawing, two in side view and one seen from the ventral surface, the drawing has not been signed or dated so it is a bit of a mystery. It may have been prepared […]

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