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Community questionnaire training in Guizhou


Finding wild salamanders is not easy, especially if the populations are fragmented and have been heavily exploited. One way we can get information on current and historic salamander distribution, threats posed to salamanders and people’s perception of salamanders is to ask people who live in the surrounding area. At each site where we survey salamanders, the [...]

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International Conservation Planning Workshop for the Chinese Giant Salamander


In May we held The International Conservation Planning Workshop for the Chinese Giant Salamander Conservation Breeding and Education Facility in Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve (FNNR). FNNR was selected as the venue as it is the ideal location for a Chinese giant salamander (CGS) conservation breeding and education facility as the reserve was set up (in part) to [...]

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Wild Chinese giant salamander found in Guizhou


In May this year we carried out more training in Chinese giant salamander field survey techniques. We were working just outside Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve and we had the fantastic fortune of capturing a wild Chinese giant salamander. This was a huge boost for the team. Not only were we able to demonstrate handling techniques but [...]

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“Identification Cards” were firstly issued to the wild-caught Chinese Giant Salamanders in Guizhou Province


Tongren City of Guizhou Province, located in subtropical southwestern China, harbors rich biodiversity and is considered an important region for Chinese Giant Salamanders (CGS hereafter), with optimal habitats and historical and recent wild populations recorded. Unfortunately, as elsewhere in China, the CGS populations in this area have experienced drastic population declines and regional extirpation in [...]

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Giants on the Edge


The high mountain rivers and streams of China are home to the largest amphibian in the world, the Chinese giant salamander. But now habitat loss and poaching are pushing this giant to the edge of extinction in the wild. A team from the Zoological Society of London embark on what will be the largest survey [...]

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